Arizona Town Deploys Cyber Recovery Vault


To address its growing cybersecurity needs, the IT team that keeps the town of Gilbert, Ariz., running has solidified its partnership with Dell Technologies to help bolster recovery solutions, deployment services, and IT-supported software.


Information technology plays a critical role within that environment. Cybersecurity, in turn, is crucial to unleashing and protecting the potential of technology to facilitate municipal services. A small group within the city’s office of information technology worked with Dell to incorporate a cyber recovery vault, monitoring software, and locking mechanisms that feature layered passwords and time stamps, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


The team is utilizing Dell Technologies’ Cyber Recovery vault and CyberSense technology, according to Tony Bryson, chief information security officer for the town of Gilbert, along with machine learning and AI tools, to streamline recovery in case of a cyberattack. 


Those deployments, according to Bryson, will provide stability and continuity for more than 250 online city services, while incorporating updated technology.


“We don’t want cybersecurity to be purely reactive,” Bryson said in a press release. “We want to work with a partner who takes a lead in the direction of security and technology. Of the technology providers we considered, Dell Technologies has the clearest vision for ensuring that we can protect ourselves against current and future threats.”


Through Dell’s Cyber Recovery vault and CyberSense solutions, enterprises are taking their data resiliency to the next level, whether on-premises or through a colocation data center. CyberSense technology, which scans data once it comes in from the backup to ensure that it is clean, makes sure that data “can be recovered and you can feel confident that your recoveries look good,” Bryson added. 


“In Gilbert, what drives our IT roadmap is innovation with the goal of providing the best possible experience for our citizens and employees. Cybersecurity is a strategic pillar of our technology planning and service delivery,” said Sasan Poureetezadi, chief technology officer for the town. 


Additionally, the town’s IT team has implemented a layered security architecture that includes secure Dell Technologies storage and server solutions, with replication to a secondary data center and the cloud.


“We collaborated with Dell Technologies to design a long-term security solution that meets both our technical and financial goals,” said Mike Phillips, a systems engineer for the town.


Moving forward, town IT officials will continue to collaborate with Dell Technologies to develop a consumption-based model for Technology as-a-Service, which will allow them to pay a reasonable monthly fee based on the capacity they license, Phillips added.