Baker County Uses Tech to Protect, Serve


To resolve challenges posed by outdated technology, the Baker County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office quickly needed to create and implement an IT strategy that would enable staff to perform their jobs before antiquated IT solutions caused a catastrophic event.

A key part of this strategy has been procuring technology and IT support on a limited budget, explained Randy Crews, Undersheriff at Baker County Sheriff’s Office.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office turned to vTECH io – a Florida-based system integrator and managed services provider that offers cybersecurity, data center, and cloud solutions – to help solve its outdated IT challenge. vTECH io also comes with a set rate payment plan to help the Sheriff’s Office easily manage a budget for this IT support, and it’s all through one provider: Dell Technologies.

“We can provide customers with full lifecycle support, from strategizing IT initiatives and providing funding to sustainably removing devices, because we partner with Dell Technologies,” Chris McDaniel, vice president of sales at vTECH io, said in a customer review.

This new partnership with vTECH io and Dell Technologies provided the Sheriff’s Office with leading hardware, software, services, support, and customized payment solutions. In addition, Baker County Sheriff’s Office was able to match ideal devices to each employee’s role through PCaaS.

The Sheriff’s Office also secured reliable servers and networking, gained a backup system to protect data, and has the assurance that old devices will be responsibly and sustainably removed.

In addition, this new partnership will help the Sheriff’s Office refresh and sustainably decommission devices every three years through Technology Rotation, a Dell Technologies program that ensures Baker County Sheriff’s Office employees have secure and reliable technology, and that puts the pains caused by aging equipment permanently in the past.

“Our employees can better serve people and save lives because our solutions stay up to date with Technology Rotation,” Crews explained.

“I thought … finding and implementing the right technology would be a nightmare. But it was fast and seamless with [PC-as-a-Service (PCaaS)] and Technology Rotation, supported by vTECH io and Dell Technologies,” said Crews. “IT used to be a liability, but PCaaS and Technology Rotation make IT an asset.”