Dell Boosts CX With Lifecycle Hub Expansion

Employees in today’s fast-paced, hybrid work environment need reliable, personalized technology to communicate quickly and easily. Dell Technologies’ Lifecycle Hub helps address the challenges of this new workforce era by combining warehousing and inventory management with configuration services and deployment expertise into one end-to-end solution.

During Dell Technologies World 2023 in May, the company said that the hub’s benefits are expanding from the U.S. and will now be offered in Europe as well.

“New hires must be quickly supplied with complete starter kits, including peripherals and monitors, to get to work,” the company said. “If employees change roles, their devices frequently require refreshment or replacement. Devices break, are lost, and sometimes stolen, rendering valuable employees inactive. Assets must also be retrieved when someone leaves the company. Hardware has a lifecycle.”

The Dell Lifecycle Hub ships configured PCs and new hire kits to maximize day-one productivity.

“If we receive a request before 3 p.m. Central time, we can have a device in the end users hand the next day. So, it’s a pretty cool outcome,” Ryan Berger, product manager for Dell’s Lifecycle Hub, said during day two of the conference.

Experts said that being able to scale this process has been beneficial for larger, global companies who have to manage thousands of devices.

“Once the device arrives, it truly is ready to go,” Dell Technologies’ Vice President of End User Computing Deployment and Managed Services Jim Ginger said. “We believe that you should be able to get a device to anybody, anywhere, at any time.”

He continued, “When COVID hit and everybody had to go remote it really just highlighted our capability and a lot of our customers would switch to consuming these types of services, so it really brought everybody faster.”

Dell Technologies’ Senior Director of Client Managed Services Sales Mike McGill explained that the companies Lifecycle Hub brings together a slew of partners – like Microsoft, VMware, and ServiceNow – to deploy tools quickly and efficiently, including the new hire kits.

“In our lifecycle hub system, they have employees getting PCs on the day they start or a couple days before, so they’re ready to go on day one,” McGill explained. “And it’s not just the PC – we provide them with a new hire kit that includes a monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset, and drop in the box an instruction sheet. And for some customers we can even include a coffee mug.”

“It’s a great way to get an employee their device for them,” McGill said.

From shipping PCs to new hires on their first day, to managing device refreshes, and facilitating proper device disposition at end of life, Dell Lifecycle Hub helps the customer manage their devices from the very beginning to the very end.