Dell Creates New Tool to Aid GenAI Deployment

Dell Technologies is partnering with NVIDIA to launch a new joint initiative – named Project Helix – that aims to make it easier for businesses to build and use generative AI models on-premises.

Announced at Dell Technologies World 2023, the new partnership will allow businesses to quickly and securely deliver better customer service, market intelligence, and enterprise search, among a range of other capabilities.

“This is a full stack solution that enables enterprises to create and run custom AI models built with their knowledge on their business,” Jeff Clarke, Dell’s vice chairman and co-chief operating officer, said during Dell Technologies World’s day-two keynote address.

“Our powerful infrastructure and software, NVIDIA’s accelerators, AI software, and expertise – this is unmatched second to none in the industry,” Clarke said.

Project Helix will be available to organizations in July and deliver a series of full-stack solutions with technical expertise and pre-built tools based on Dell and NVIDIA infrastructure and software.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes more than 100 frameworks, pretrained models and development tools such as a large language model framework and software for building topical, safe, and secure generative AI chatbots.

The new project also includes a complete blueprint to help enterprises use their proprietary data and more easily deploy generative AI responsibly and accurately, the tech companies said.

The tool will simplify generative AI deployments with a tested combination of optimized hardware and software, all available from Dell. This delivers the power to convert enterprise data into smarter, higher value outcomes, while maintaining data privacy, the companies said. These solutions will help companies quickly deploy customized AI applications that drive trusted decisions from their own data to grow and scale their businesses.

Project Helix will also support the complete generative AI lifecycle – from infrastructure provisioning, modeling, training, fine-tuning, application development and deployment, to deploying inference and streamlining results. The validated designs help enterprises quickly build on-premises generative AI infrastructure at scale.

Security and privacy are built into the foundational components of Project Helix, the companies said. Protecting data on-premises reduces inherent risk and helps companies meet regulatory requirements.

“We’ve worked on a whole lot of stuff together over the years,” NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang said during Dell Technologies World. “Over the last three years, we’ve built a lot of things – nothing is nearly this amazing, nearly this impactful.”

Huang continued, adding, “Every company is, at its core, about intelligence, and for the very first time together, Project Helix – the work that our two companies are collaborating and working so hard on – will help every company be an AI factory and be able to produce their intelligence, their domain specific intelligence, their expertise, and then do it at lightspeed and do it at scale.”