Dell HCI Delivering Continuous Innovation

To keep pace with growth in data, the changing business landscape, and growing competition, organizations must modernize their infrastructure. Introducing hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) into a business environment, a Dell Technologies official said, is one way for organizations to facilitate IT modernization and enable digital transformation.


HCI integrates compute, storage and networking into a single appliance coupled with data management and consolidation capabilities that can scale out according to application needs, thereby eliminating the need for a traditional storage area network or network-attached storage.


“The combination of software and hardware has become a key differentiator in modernizing and delivering intelligent infrastructure that enables consolidation and modernization of business operations,” said Nancy Hurley, Dell’s director of product marketing for HCI, at Dell Technologies World 2022.


In the quest to improve business operations, organizations want to streamline management, and the key to that process is enabling IT teams to focus on serving the business instead of managing the infrastructure. According to Hurley, HCI continues to be a catalyst for data center modernization and transformed IT operations. HCI adoption is on the rise and with good reason, she said.


The business and technology landscape has seen unprecedented changes, and to succeed in the digital world today businesses need to deploy and operate an IT environment that takes full advantage of the innovation taking place across the industry – without the complexity of piecing together and supporting a wide range of patchwork solutions.


“HCI allows our customers to be ready for what is next while aligning to their preferred operating model,” Hurley said.


Dell’s HCI platform improves efficiency, increases scalability, and lowers costs. In addition, it offers consistent operations using native integration, familiar management tools, integrated lifecycle management, and APIs for extensibility.


Dell Technologies’ most popular HCI platform is the VxRail. The Dell EMC VxRail delivers more highly differentiated features and benefits based on proprietary VxRail HCI System Software. The VxRail starts with full-stack integration of software and hardware control and visibility from top to bottom for a consistent and integrated environment.


“This unique combination automates deployment, provides full-stack lifecycle management and facilitates critical upstream and downstream integration points that create a seamless experience,” Hurley said.