Dell Launches Solar Community Hubs


Dell Technologies is working with Computer Aid, Intel, and Microsoft to launch the Solar Community Hubs strategy to improve access to technology, healthcare, and workforce skills for remote communities around the world.


The Solar Community Hubs will be built with Dell Technologies-enabled solutions, and look to feature 5G, edge computing, and other services.


“Research shows that the greatest impact starts with empowering local communities,” said Cassandra Garber, VP of Environmental and Social Governance for Dell Technologies, in a press release. “By introducing the Solar Community Hubs, communities will have access to resources and infrastructure to address their most pressing issues. This evolution puts community needs at the center, and we are eager to see – and be a part of – the impact these community partnerships will have around the globe.”


The first hub was launched in Boa Esperanca, Brazil, and specifically aimed to help the community address local deforestation.


“The Solar Community Hub will provide the much-needed access to technology and telemedicine that these true conservation heroes deserve, reducing inequalities and enabling them to reap the benefits of technology. It’s a small contribution to a commitment to a better world for all,” said Alejandro Espinosa Llano, Solar Community Hub Program Manager at Computer Aid International.


The hub is also designed with circularity at its core – using repurposed shipping containers, sustainably-sourced wood and furniture, and solar panels so devices run primarily on renewable energy.


Overall, the project aims to launch 25 solar-powered community hubs across three continents. Each hub will be managed by its local community and will offer services based on each community’s unique needs. The hubs aim to provide communities with access to water and electricity, healthcare, and resources for environmental preservation.


Additionally, community members can access technical skills training, entrepreneurship support, education, and career guidance, and revenue-generating services to support job creation and financial sustainability.