Dell Technologies Launches New AI Factory

Dell Technologies announced on May 20 the launch of the Dell AI Factory, which aims to give customers access to the industry’s broadest AI portfolio and accelerate AI innovation.

The Dell AI Factory gives organizations of all sizes the infrastructure, solutions, and services needed to quickly deploy AI at scale.

Dell Technologies also announced an expansion to the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA with new server, edge, workstation, solutions and services advancements. The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, announced in March, integrates Dell’s leading AI portfolio with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

“AI is transforming business at an unprecedented pace. Data centers must be designed from the ground up to handle AI’s speed and scale while new AI PCs are transforming productivity and collaboration,” Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and chief operating officer at Dell Technologies, said in a May 20 press release.

“What’s needed are new IT infrastructure and devices purpose-built to meet the specific demands of AI,” Clarke added. “The Dell AI Factory helps customers accelerate AI adoption with the world’s broadest AI portfolio and leading AI ecosystem partners, offering right-sized approaches and greater control over AI deployments on-premises, at the edge, and across cloud environments.”

In a blog post, Dell Technologies dove further into the details of the Dell AI Factory, explaining that it can operate across various environments such as cloud, data centers, workstations, AI PCs, or edge locations.

“As organizations seek to build their own AI factories and take advantage of all AI has to offer, many will want to get to speed as fast as possible. The Dell AI Factory is how we’re helping them do exactly that,” wrote Nigel Burmeister, who leads Dell Technologies APEX and multicloud portfolio marketing efforts.

Burmeister explained the key features of the Dell AI Factory, explaining that it produces business outcomes powered by an organization’s “most impactful AI use cases.” Additionally, he said it “brings AI as close as possible to where data resides to minimize latency, lower costs, and maintain data security” by keeping information in a controlled environment.

He said the factory’s infrastructure is flexible – as it should be with AI constantly evolving – and can support diverse AI requirements. Another core component of the factory is “helping organizations chart their course through this dynamic environment by identifying suitable ecosystem partners and working with them to provide solutions that simplify AI deployment and operation for our customers,” Burmeister said.

The Dell AI Factory also includes professional services to help organizations at any stage of their AI journey and align their business and technology needs.

“The Dell AI Factory is more than just a set of services or products; it’s our vision to help organizations harness the full potential of AI. With our broad AI portfolio and leading infrastructure, an open ecosystem and services offerings, we are helping organizations around the world build their own AI factories to transform and innovate,” Burmeister concluded.