How Dell Reimagines Work With AI

Seventy years after the term artificial intelligence (AI) was coined it has become a catch-all to describe advancements in computing, systems, and technology that help automate everyday tasks. And according to tech experts, AI is now central to the very foundation of the way people work.

For Dell Technologies, incorporating AI into products for their users means creating intelligent, personalized, immersive, and modern experiences that address “micro-moments throughout our user’s day that affect their workflow or the zone of their productivity,” said Sarah Burkhart, director of Product Marketing for the Advanced Experience Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, during the Dell Technologies World conference earlier this month.

“The AI in Dell products addresses micro-moments throughout our user’s day-to-day work that causes problems with staying in the flow or the zone of their productivity,” she said. This year, the company expects to launch several products that offer solutions to help users increase their productivity, including pairing multiple network connections, Burkhart added.

Marc Hammons, senior distinguished engineer for the Office of the CTO at Dell Technologies, added that when introducing AI into the company’s products Dell employs innovation concepts – an outcome examining the realization of the business potential of an innovative idea.

For example, one of the products that the company highlighted during the conference is Dell Technologies’ “Concept Pari” – a moveable webcam prototype.

The extra intelligence in this webcam prototype comes from the AI it uses for auto framing, which means the camera is always ready to adjust to keep the user’s face in focus and centered in the shot. The camera doesn’t move to achieve this, it simply pans and zooms to compensate for the user’s movement. With an increase in remote work and teleconferences, the use of webcams has increased and proper connectivity and visibility in these types of work environments are critical.

Additionally, the increase in remote or hybrid work environments – spurred on by the pandemic – has increased users’ need for privacy and security. To support their users’ privacy needs, Dell Technologies has utilized AI to implement security and privacy solutions into their products as well.

“With this new work environment comes security and privacy risks. Dell’s intelligent privacy solutions can detect privacy breaches and notify the user rapidly so that they can stay in their work zone with confidence,” Burkhart said.

Those are just some of the examples “of how we have introduced technologies that work with our users throughout the day. It’s a companion and it alleviates these mundane tasks that we all have to do, and it ends up freeing you up to be more creative and productive,” Hammons said.