K-12 Cyber School Anchors on Dell Tech


To manage growth and enable online educational excellence at scale, Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) needed a technology partner that could guide them to the right solutions.

As the top online K-12 public cyber school in Harrisburg, Pa., with 24,500 students, CCA understands the important role technology plays in making remote education successful.

Dell Technologies’ Latitude 3000 Series Laptops and E Series monitors offered the best reliability and learning experience to position CCA students for success online.

“If the student doesn’t have their Dell Latitude in an operational mode, it’s as if the bus doesn’t pick them up to go to school. School doesn’t happen,” CCA’s Senior Vice President of Technology Bryon Klingel said.

When considering how best to equip its large student body, CCA carefully considered which technology would help remote students be productive and comfortable throughout the school day.

First and foremost, the technology could not fail.

CCA chose Dell Technologies’ Latitude 3000 Series Laptops for their reliability and durability to ensure students get to school.

But CCA didn’t stop there – it wanted to bring course content to life and make remote learning more engaging.

“We considered, what is the most productive, most efficient technology for students? Not only do they receive a Dell Latitude 3000 Series Laptop, but they also receive a Dell monitor,” Klingel said.

CCA custom built its own learning management system from the ground up, with personalized education to better serve remote students. In addition, CCA’s hands-on, proprietary approach included hosting the application and developing its own course content.

To manage growth and stay on top of urgent hardware needs for newly enrolled students, CCA needed an experienced technology partner that could help it continue providing online educational excellence at scale.

“We really value the relationship and the partners that Dell Technologies brings to the table,” Klingel said. “Some of these programs that we’re running, we wouldn’t be running them without Dell.”

CCA prides itself on having a family-focused, inclusive model that accommodates a broad range of students. Dell Technologies helps make this flexibility and inclusivity possible.

“Whether it’s helping students connect to their personalized learning programs through the CCA application, or offering the hockey team flexible access to course content to get more practice time on the ice, CCA positively impacts thousands of students’ lives every day,” Dell Technologies said.