Montage Health Using Cloud to Improve Care

California-based healthcare provider Montage Health is improving patient experiences by ensuring medical staff has better access to critical applications with a new cloud platform.

The organization – which services multiple healthcare entities – relies on an extensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, with terminals on each clinical floor to provide the applications and information required for patient care and staff collaboration.

Montage Health found that several VDI latency issues were decreasing productivity and threatening to impact patient care levels. In the past, it would take physicians, nurses, and other clinicians an average of 100 seconds to log in to a VDI terminal.

“Our biggest delivery mechanism is our VDI environment. The operating system sits in our data center and is delivered through the wire. We wanted to ensure that we have a top-of-the-line infrastructure to run our VDI solution. We chose Dell APEX Private Cloud [to help us accomplish our goals],” Tahir Ali, chief technology officer and chief information security officer at Montage Health, said in a statement.

With VDI capabilities on APEX Private Cloud, Montage Health can reduce login times to an average of 30 seconds, saving 70 seconds per session. Montage Health has 600 unique VDI sessions per day, and by utilizing Dell Technologies’ APEX Private Cloud, clinicians save up to 11.66 hours daily.

In addition, it was easy to put together and start delivering VDI, Ali added.

“Most importantly, the low latency of the APEX solution saves lives in the emergency room, where patients may arrive bleeding, and every second counts,” Ali said.

In addition to exceptional performance and better control over its IT environment, he added, Montage Health appreciates the APEX Private Cloud’s predictable cost model that allows them to plan for the future.

“We’ve eliminated our capital costs. Instead, we pay operational expenses based on what we use, like the public cloud. Dell Technologies has done a phenomenal job making sure the cost model is the same.” Ali said, “We don’t want to spend time managing infrastructure or routine data center tasks. APEX Private Cloud lets us focus on work that improves patient care and offers real business value.”