New CoSN Plan Eyes Post-Pandemic Strengths


The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), an association for members of the K-12 education technology community, has published a new strategic plan that will shape the group’s efforts as the education community moves forward from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The group’s 2023-2026 strategic plan is its first multi-year strategy roadmap since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, which caused upheaval throughout K-12 school systems and a wholesale rush to adopt technologies for remote learning.

“The EdTech landscape has changed dramatically since the last strategic plan was developed in 2019,” the group said. “The strategic directions of this plan are in part a response to those changes.”

In creating the strategic plan, CoSN leadership reviewed the K-12 landscape and determined that the organization is positioned to have an expanded impact in areas including:

  • Taking the lead against “EdTech backlash”;
  • Providing guidance for managing device and platform purchasing, maintenance, compliance/safety, and sustainability planning;
  • Deeping the group’s role in fostering implementation of K-12 privacy best practices with schools and corporate partners;
  • Creating versions of resources that are more visual and accessible; and
  • Partnering with other organizations to alleviate resource development burdens.

The new three-year plan, COSN said, “provides a new framework for realizing its ongoing mission – to provide current and aspiring K12 education technology leaders with the community, knowledge, and professional development they need to create and grow engaging learning environments.”

The plan also yielded a three-pronged approach to CoSN’s mission:

  • Enabling inclusive and nimble technology leadership to drive innovation;
  • Enhancing member experience to nurture belonging; and
  • Empowering its network to build community.

CoSN said that “fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is integral” to each of those three strategies, and essential for achieving the organization’s mission.

“Previously outlined as a separate initiative, this work is now integrated into all CoSN efforts through a culture of collaboration and teamwork, effective management of dialogue, transparency, open communication, and skill-building to enhance interpersonal and working relationships,” the group said.

“Differences make our organization stronger, and our goal is to ensure everyone feels welcomed in our community,” CoSN said.