Trintech ‘Flexing’ Tech in Five-Year Plan

Dallas-based Trintech, which provides software for critical finance and accounting functions, is moving forward in its growth ambitions with a five-year technology roadmap built around flexible capacity for hardware and software requirements.

Helping the company execute on those needs is Dell Technologies and its Dell APEX Flex on Demand technology lineup built around the concepts of customizing hardware and software configurations to meet Trintech’s on-demand technology requirements.

With a small IT staff and limited budget, Trintech knew that reliability, scalability, and predictable costs were key to delivering high-quality service to its customers while setting a course for future business growth. Trintech found that Dell APEX Flex on Demand coupled with VxRail, PowerMax, and ProSupport Plus managed services was the right solution to meet its needs.

“Trintech customers trust the company with their most vital data, elevating the need for the highest quality of service, cyber security and resilient solutions to remain exceptional, even as the company experiences rapid growth,” Dell said in a published case study.

“We know that PowerMax will continue to provide us with the performance we need as we grow 20 to 30 percent year over year,” Matthew Bertram, vice president of technology at Trintech, said. “And with Dell APEX Flex on Demand, we’ve been able to pre-provision the capacity we need for the next five years, paying for whatever we need, as we consume it.”

The result is a highly secure, multi-cloud environment operating globally and enabling financial savings, ease of use, scalability, and consumption-based billing.

Trintech provides financial solutions to more than 4,200 customers in 100 different countries. The company operates with a lean staff so it was important to partner with a technology company that could provide consistent speed, service quality, and the expertise to meet regulatory requirements, regardless of location – and to do this without heavy oversight from Trintech.

“With Dell APEX Flex on Demand, we’re able to manage eight global data centers with a total of five infrastructure staff,” Bertram explained. “Most of the workload for the staff is automated by the tools and managed services that Dell APEX Flex on Demand provides. We have about 30 production support staff supporting single-tenant solutions for thousands of global customers.”

As a financial service provider handling extremely sensitive information, Trintech’s go-to-market strategy has always centered around protecting its customers’ data. The company’s technology partner needed to provide the highest levels of data protection and embody the same security-first values.

“We knew we needed private cloud solutions,” Bertram said. “We knew we needed solutions that were highly bespoke and highly performant. And we knew that Dell APEX Flex on Demand could deliver.”

“We’re providing the same storage solutions that our largest enterprise customers and the largest global banks use internally,” he said.