Trustmark Protects Critical Financial Data

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, the Trustmark National Bank’s top priority is to ensure secure and highly reliable data protection for its customers’ data and financial assets. But when the bank, which provides financial services stretching from Texas to the Southeast grew to an IT environment of approximately 1,000 virtual machines across 180 locations, it needed a more efficient way to safeguard systems and data.


“Dell Technologies has been a strategic partner every step of the way,” James McNair, vice president and manager of distributed systems at Trustmark National Bank, said in a customer testimonial. “PowerProtect Data Manager was the next evolution for us.”


For any organization today — and especially for a financial services leader — data is one of the most important currencies. With PowerProtect Data Manager, Trustmark can back up 250 terabytes in as little as eight hours, which previously required as much as 12 hours of overnight processing to finish.


The PowerProtect Data Manager also gives Trustmark confidence in its backups. “We know that our data is secure and will always be available in an emergency,” McNair said, adding Data Manager has further helped ensure that Trustmark can meet demanding recovery time objective standards.


In addition, Trustmark has reduced the backup of its 250TB to as little as 1TB with the PowerProtect Data Manager, resulting in a much smaller and highly cost-effective footprint.


“Our deduplication ratio with PowerProtect Data Manager is close to 100:1,” said McNair. “That’s super impressive.”


Trustmark has also begun to evaluate the deployment of Dell’s Data Manager Dynamic NAS Protection, further streamlining the backup and recovery of its unstructured data.


“We anticipate that our VMware virtualized environment will keep growing as the organization does over time. PowerProtect Data Manager is highly scalable [to] grow along with us,” McNair said.


And with the rise of ransomware and other cyberattacks, Trustmark has decided to onboard Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery to safeguard personal account data and asset information.


“With the imminent threat of ransomware and other cyberattacks, we want to ensure the integrity of our assets and be able to meet our regulatory obligations,” McNair explained. “PowerProtect Cyber Recovery will allow us to safeguard customer information while seamlessly integrating the solution into our existing technology.”